What to see around Rimini


Is the historically most important cities in the Romagna and it was in Ravenna which was deposed the last Roman Emperor.
Famous for its churches and its architecture, also houses the tomb of Dante Alighieri.

San Leo

Village located on a spur of rock of Valmarecchia and characterized first by the Strong which rises above the village.
Other places of interest to visit are definitely the Bell Tower and the Duomo. Hosted Dante and St. Francis.


Who does not remember Paolo and Francesca? Gradara is situated not far from the sea in a beautiful hilly landscape: with its village and its castle was the backdrop to one of the most romantic love stories. It also turns into an enchanted world in summer, at the Magic Castle.

San Marino

Independent State situated on Mount Titano, is the place for those looking for a place divided between shopping and art.
You can find several malls and outlets but also visit palaces, museums and churches.


Best known as a mare, Rimini contains stories and culture. The city center the course: starting at the Arch of Augustus, you reach the most famous squares Three martyrs and Cavour. There is also the surgeon's and Castel Sismondo.

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